The Wellness Council Seven Benchmarks

The cornerstone of the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and the Wellness Council of Iowa is the “Well Workplace” certification process. This innovative initiative recognizes quality and excellence in worksite health promotion. Driven by a pre-defined set of worksite wellness criteria, organizations of all kinds compete to be recognized as one of America’s Healthiest Companies.

If your organization is looking to compete for national recognition, then we encourage you to consider the Well Workplace certification initiative.

For the past 20 years, the Wellness Council of America has dedicated its efforts to studying and promoting the efforts of America’s Healthiest Companies. During that period, WELCOA developed its patented Well Workplace process. At the core of the Well Workplace model, we have identified seven key benchmarks of success. Specifically, these seven benchmarks are inherent in companies that have built results-oriented workplace wellness programs.

The Seven Benchmarks

WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks of results-oriented workplace wellness programs include:

  1. Capturing CEO Support
  2. Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
  3. Collecting Data To Drive Health Efforts
  4. Carefully Crafting An Operating Plan
  5. Choosing Appropriate Interventions
  6. Creating A Supportive Environment
  7. Carefully Evaluating Outcomes

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