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Free Campaign – Download Today!

Posted July 30 , 2014

Research shows sitting for too long is actually killing you! Okay, maybe not. But, it does show sitting for more than 60 minutes actually erases all of the hard work you put into your morning or lunchtime exercise routine. We’ve developed this handy flier/poster for use to use at your workplace to encourage employees to […]

What Works Series: Preventative Care

Posted May 16 , 2014

When it comes to helping employees live better and manage their health care a preventative care program can go long way to making a difference. WCI member Key Cooperative, based in Roland and with locations throughout Central Iowa, got creative when they decided to nudge their workforce toward preventative health practices. Their programming is the […]

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Posted January 15 , 2014

Free Employee Interest Survey Tool from the Wellness Council of Iowa can help you understand what your employees want for wellness programming.   Lots of companies think they know the answer to the question, “Do You Know What Your Employees Want In A Health Promotion Program?” But, you’d be surprised at how many would be […]

WCI Experts Academy Broadcast: The Pursuit of a Well School

Posted November 20 , 2013

Take the next 50 minutes to watch this WCI Experts Academy webinar with Gabe Carlson (West Des Moines Schools) and Tanya Fish (Wellmark) about wellness programming for schools. It’s a great illustration of what schools with wellness programs do right. Take a look by clicking below. Interested in learning more about school wellness programs? Email […]

How Costly is Obesity to Your Company?

Posted September 30 , 2013

CDC’s LEAN Works! site contains an obesity cost calculator to estimate how much obesity costs your organization and how much you could save by establishing an obesity prevention control program at your worksite. To obtain better estimates for your organization, you will need to know the average hourly wages, percent of employees receiving health benefits, […]