First 2013 Iowa Webinar to Focus on "Stress is the New Obesity"

Posted January 17 , 2013

Stress has reached epidemic proportions. One in four adults now characterize their stress as high or severe, and 80% understand that, left unattended, stress is making them ill, overweight, unproductive and with a diminished quality of life. And stress costs employers $300 billion each year in terms of healthcare expenses and absenteeism.

Join meQuilibrium CEO Jan Bruce and Chief Science Officer Andrew Shatte, Ph.D. for a live presentation about the tremendous impact that stress has on business — and what you can do about it.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll discover:

  • The impact of stre

    ss on your organization — lost productivity, increased worksite injury rates and absenteeism, even corporate culture

  • Personal vs. organizational sources of stress– and why they both matter in the workplace
  • What works and what doesn’t in managing stress
  • Four actionable steps you can take now — budget or not
  • Learn how Iowa member Heidi Long, from WesleyLife, used to tool at their worksite

This is a webinar you can’t afford to miss!

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