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Posted October 12 , 2011



21st Century Rehab, PC
P.O. Box 461
Nevada, IA 50201

Year the company was established: 1995

Company Mission statement:
“To be the preferred therapy choice by providing a local opportunity in a positive environment that supports and promotes the concept of doing and being “well” in all aspects of a person’s life through the provision of comprehensive and individualized  services to our customers and by fostering the development of enduring  relationships.”

Our vision is “Work well. Play well. Live well.” We will promote and advocate healthier life styles and wellness choices for all generations through the provision of services and by being an organization that leads by example.

Describe your main business:
21st Century Rehab, P.C. provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy, sports medicine services, and occupational health services. 21st Century Rehab is certified in pre-work screening, job matching systems, functional capacity evaluations and stay-at-work/return-to-work program known as WorkWell.

Total number of employees: 50

Briefly describe your wellness program:
Each December, the company holds an annual wellness day and provides biometric testing, education and motivation. We have ongoing wellness initiatives throughout the year along with participation in Live Healthy Iowa.

Approximately when did you begin a wellness program at your company:
In December 2007, we had our first employee annual wellness day which included biometric testing along with goal setting, education, and motivation for employees to make positive lifestyle and behavioral changes.

What has been your greatest challenge in wellness within your company:
As a small organization, the economy of scale and efficiencies work against us; not being able to have a full time staff dedicated to wellness. We continue to strive to involve our entire staff in the development and implementation of programming.

What goals do you have for 2011 for company wellness:
100% employee participation, increase in physical activity and greater participation in weight management.

What is one idea/lesson that you have learned about wellness within your own company that you would like to share with other people:
In 2010, we had five employees become coaches for Take Shape for Life® and they have seen dramatic results in their BMI, eating habits and sleep habits. We have had several employees utilize this program trying to achieve a healthy BMI along with developing habits of health that will become life long.


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